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About Me

Hi there! I'm Crystal Richards and I am a misfit project manager.

misfit, noun

: a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation

In my professional career when I focused my energies to project management, I noticed that I was a bit of an oddball.  You see, my projects were in the non-traditional side of things.  I worked in healthcare improving patient flow, improving our operations with patient registration, and leading efforts for training employees.

My background is not in IT project management, not the fancy software development projects, nor in construction project management.

When I would attend networking events, it seemed I only encountered project managers who DID work in IT and software development and construction projects. When I would explain my work, I would get the side-eye and then the uncomfortable, "I think I left my keys in the restroom" escape excuse.



Has that happened to you?  

You don't have to feel that way in The MindsparQ™ community.

This is the space where unique project managers like you and me can come together for support, brainstorming, learning, and "sparking" ideas into action.

With my 20 years of professional experience and my love of teaching, consider me your coach and your guide in this community to facilitate thought-provoking discussions.

I'm a business owner, mom, wife, and a Xennial. And oh yeah, I teach people to be better project managers.

About You

Were you an accidental project manager?

I was!

You probably didn't spend your childhood saying, "I want to be a project manager when I grow up!"

Most people don't.

More than anything, you have a knack for getting shhh...er, stuff done.  I do too and you probably enjoy creating things and having something to show for it.

Me too!

You see, you and I are a lot alike.  I get you.  

But what makes you and I super cool (that's what the cool kids say, right?) is that we are unique within our organizations given our talents and penchant for project management.

Do any of these words resonate with you:

An uncommon project manager. A misfit.  An oddball. 

The only project manager or PM-thinking person in your organization.

Or perhaps you're dabbling in project management in pursuit of career growth or a career change. 

You're tired of "Googling" your way to an answer for your projects and you just wish you had a community of people that you can ask a question without feeling like you're being judged.

Sound familiar? 

The MindsparQ™ community is the place for you!

This is the community where if you are trying to figure out how to get started in project management, figure out better ways to manage your projects, or make a clean start by translating your project management experience into other careers. 

We all share a common interest in being better project managers and adding value to our organizations--even when sometimes our organizations struggle to see the value in our project management pursuits.

Why You Should Join Us!

Maybe you are feeling stuck.  Then this is the community to help you get unstuck. 

Are you figuring out your next move into a career in project management? This is the community to help you navigate into that next role.

Are you the only project manager in your company and you long for mentors to ask questions who can provide relevant, practical guidance?  The MindsparQ™ community is the place where you will receive coaching from me and support and encouragement from other community members.

If you are ready to build your confidence from being the order-taker to being the influencer and consultant on your projects, this is the community to guide you.

In this community we will co-create the blueprint to successfully develop your project management skills by empowering you with the tools, mentorship, and peer support to make an impact on your projects.

You need to be here.

What others are saying...

"I've personally worked with you before, so in my eyes, I know you're legit. So that in itself gives credibility to what you're doing. To that point, I immediately forwarded the link to your MindsparQ to a fellow PMP friend of mine as I think it could help him."  -B.W.


"You hit the nail on the head regarding sharing information that will help people make better decisions: take that next step and most importantly; keep the CEU’s rolling for up-to-date PMP status...People are stuck in their jobs and COVID gave them an excuse to sit on their skills. People will get brave and start looking. Once they have the push, the fire, the encouragement and the structure to do so, I think more people will rise up." -S.C.

Member Benefits

While there are opportunities to obtain continuing education credits (i.e. PDUs), this community is about so much more.

As a member of The MindsparQ™ community, you get access to:

🔐  A private community web platform and mobile app that's fun to use and customizable to your interests (this is not another Facebook or LinkedIn group!)

📆  Monthly Mindset Address where Crystal provides a monthly address to the community to kickstart the month with encouragement

🕙  Mentor Office Hours serve as group coaching calls with Crystal to discuss current work challenges, career growth, and professional development

🌞  Slay the Day informal morning sessions to get you going and revved up to "slay the day"

💡  Co-Working sessions to update your resume or draft that upcoming presentation

🔥  Hot Seat sessions with fellow members where volunteers place themselves in the proverbial "hot seat" about their current project challenge, professional challenge, or business idea 

📘  Recommended reads & listens where Crystal curates reading resources and podcasts on project management, career growth, and being a better human being (PDU-eligible)

💬  Live Q&A chats with Crystal where you can get your questions answered on a specific topic

🎦  Call recordings of meetings and events only available to community members for later playback

❤️ A supportive and friendly network of misfit project managers

And more!


Where else can you find a community that provides these kinds of benefits?  If you know of one, you should join them too!

Join The Community Today!

Stop the rabbit-hole research of random, questionable information on Google (everything on Google is not true) and get what you need straight from people who've been there and are willing to share their experiences to be better project managers.  

Chances are, their story is your story with a solution that makes sense to your unique project challenges.