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Corporate Training For The PMP® and PMI-ACP® Certification Exams

Finally, get the PMP® & Agile certified staff you need to meet your project goals without wasting time, stressing your employees, or paying for expensive results.

MindsparQ™ Training Programs

Hi, I’m Crystal Richards, the lead instructor for MindsparQ™. After a training session with me, students have the confidence to tackle the material and pass the PMP® and Agile certification exams—and their employers realize the benefits of improved project management skills.


With a training investment of $1,900 per enrollee, you have the potential to:

  • Reap the benefits of a highly trained project management team

  • Achieve 59% success rates in your projects*

  • See better efficiency in delivering services

  • Win contracts and business deals that require PMP® trained and/or Agile certified personnel

*PMI 2018 Pulse of the Profession® Report

Why MindsparQ™ is Unique

The MindsparQ™ team has identified 3 keys to peak performance in preparation for the certification exams:


  • Make the material fun, memorable and easy to understand.

  • Offer the opportunity for experiential learning to help students understand the concepts necessary to pass the exams.

  • Teach how to use the materials given to your teams.

And the results?  Your staff will have the confidence to tackle the material and pass on the first try.

MindsparQ™ training programs for the PMP® and PMI-ACP® certifications are designed to adequately prepare your teams to pass the exams and translate their new knowledge to the job so you can trust your team to stay on budget, on time and love what they do.


Going from "Ugh!" "Aaahh!"

Initial reactions within the first 10 minutes of a MindsparQ™ training session:

“Wow, this is going to be good.”


“I think I better listen, this lady is dropping gems.”



And after taking a class with MindsparQ™:


“The PMP prep course was awesome! I can say that this time around I retained more of the material.”


“Going into the course I was afraid it was going to be long and boring, but you were an absolutely amazing instructor that made it easy to stay engaged.”


“I just told my manager about you and how we need to get you again as an instructor.”


“You’ve made me excited about taking the exam…and taking all this knowledge back to my job.”

MindsparQ™ 4-Day Intensive Includes...

Getting your teams certified doesn’t need to be so difficult or boring.

In this PMP® 4-day* intensive instructor-led training, your staff will get 35 contact hours and access to digital material to include:


  • 📔 Exam prep book

  • 💻 Exam simulator

  • 👉 Tons of tips & tricks for preparing for the test

  • 📝 How to use the PMBOK® Guide and training materials to study

  • ✍️ Application assistance

  • 🎓 Additional resources (student portal, study plan, video tips, and more.)

At the conclusion of this course, students will:

  • Outline the knowledge and PMI-isms of the PMP® certification exam

  • Identify their "gaps" in PM knowledge and experience 

  • Gain exposure to challenging exam questions—including "wordy" questions, questions with formulas, and questions with more than one correct answer

  • Practice test-taking strategies to answer exam questions

  • Develop a personal schedule to sit for the PMP® certification exam within 4 to 6 weeks

Upon completing the course, students will receive a certificate of completion acknowledging you have acquired 35 hours of professional development training Should students get audited when applying for the exam, they will need to provide PMI® a copy of this certificate.

MindsparQ™ training programs can be tailored to your exact, unique needs to develop and grow your staff to pass the exam and translate that knowledge to the job.

*The PMI-ACP® course is a 2-day intensive instructor-led training providing similar services and support.


81% of high performing organizations prioritize the development of project management technical skills


Source: PMI 2018 Pulse of the Profession® Report

  • If you are ready to transform your team and treat them to an engaging training experience, let’s talk today about setting up your next team training event.

  • Live virtual courses can be scheduled based on your specific needs

    • Weekdays and weekend options are available

Here are what some of the 2,000+ business professionals are saying…

Crystal was instrumental to my success in taking and passing the PMP exam! In the face of a very challenging test , she was most helpful with recommending a study strategy. Most importantly, her continued support and confidence in me to pass the exam kept me focused and ultimately dedicated to passing the exam! I feel very fortunate to have been able to have her as my coach!

Maureen D. on 11/6/2017


MindsparQ™ Course Guarantee

We know you can do it!  Our goal is to ensure you pass your certification exam on your first attempt. We are so confident in our unique teaching methods we guarantee all exam prep students will earn their certification after completing a MindsparQ™ instructor-led exam prep class.


Any student who successfully completes one of our instructor-led exam prep classes (PMP®, PMI-ACP®) is backed by the MindsparQ™ course guarantee. If a student receives a certificate of completion and fails their exam within 90 days of completing the class, we will provide:


  • An evaluation of your exam results

  • A full review of your exam readiness

  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses

  • Personalized assignments and study schedule

  • Free registration in another scheduled exam prep class for the same certification.


*Students must contact MindsparQ™ within 90 days of failing the exam ( The MindsparQ™ Class Guarantee only applies to exams for which the class is intended. For instance, students who take a prep class designed for content in the 2021 PMP® Exam, must take the subsequent exam to qualify for our course guarantee.