IMPMO: In My Project Manager’s Opinion

The love language of project management. – Last month in February marked a celebration of love for many. For some, it was the opportunity to revisit their “love language”. In this article, I’d like to speak on the “love language” of project management—the PMBoK®!

Like any field, project management is full of acronyms that seem to only make sense to those who are entrenched in the world of RACI matrices, stakeholder analyses, and critical paths—very provocative stuff! For those of you who are preparing for the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, you are very familiar if not well versed in the terminology of the PMBoK®. And for those of you who have already endured the grueling exam (and hopefully passed), you hope to never encounter the terminology again.

The reality is that the field of project management does have its own unique language that allows for standardization and consistency regardless of the industry you perform your project management duties. And just like any country with a national language, there are “dialects” and the project management language too has dialects that varies from one company to another as well as differentiates a specific industry sector. And yet just like a person from the Midwest who says “pop” and a southerner who calls it “Coke”, they need to understand that they are both talking about soda.

That is the value of the PMBoK®. The practice standard provides guidance and a common language that allows us to effectively communicate to each other within the project management field as well as give us guidance to effectively communicate to our customers and strategic partners.

I liken the PMBoK® to the use of Webster’s Dictionary. Think of the times, you heard a term and you wondered, “what does that mean,” or “did he use that term correctly…did I use the word correctly?”

Consider using the PMBoK® as a resource for improving your project management skill sets and your communications rather than just using it as your monitor stand. Both uses do have value either way!

Do you speak PMBoK®? Let us know if we can help you better interpret this practice standard to best meet the needs of your project.

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