Is Technology Enhancing Your Business or Crippling It?

Technology is a fascinating and fast moving field. We are all eager to check out the latest smart phone or tablet with all of the bells and whistles. But, I can’t help but wonder if the use of so much technology in our daily life and business operations have made us lazy to the point that we lack engagement and the use of our brain. If I asked you to recite your best friend’s cell phone number right now, could you do it? Most people would not be able to because we’ve become so reliant on our contacts in our cell phone to manage this for us. How much is this affecting how we do business?

In a recent visit to the doctor’s office, their computer system went down. My appointment was at 2:30 in the afternoon so by the time I’d arrived, the staff had adjusted to this minor crisis and had a canned explanation and process flow for all of their patients. The loss of computer system compromised not only their medical records but their phone records as well!

Since I was a new patient, setting me up was fairly simple. There were no medical records to pull, so they gathered everything they needed from me the old fashioned way – pen and paper. What impressed me about this medical practice was how efficiently they were able to rebound from what most would label as a ‘technology disaster.’ Despite the loss of their computer system, the practice continued to run like a well-oiled machine. This experience got me thinking. Why was this practice able to run their business effectively with the loss of technology while some would literally shut down? Have we really begun to use technology as a crutch more than a tool?

The reason why this practice was able to run so well in absence of their computer system is quite simple. They knew how to function as a team. When a glitch occurred in their process, i.e. the malfunction of their computer system, they were able to come together to devise a temporary solution that allowed them to continue serving their patients. The key to efficient and streamlined business operations is not the technology; it’s the people.

The sales pitch of most technology companies, however, would convince us otherwise. Software companies boast such buzz words as “improved efficiency and productivity” with the implementation of their technological enhancements. But, what they fail to tell you is, like people, technology is fallible. It will fail and make mistakes, often leaving you in a lurch. Is your team prepared with a contingency plan when, not if, your technology fails you?

Take the proactive approach and start working with your staff to bring them together as a team. Teach them to work together and solve problems so that a small glitch in your technology doesn’t cripple your business. Technology is great. Embrace it as a tool, but remember people are what create the experience that will ultimately make your business thrive.

“Great processes without great people don’t yield great results.”

– Jack Welch

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Crystal has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry with a focus and passion for talent and workforce development. She is a versatile project manager, dynamic trainer, and results-oriented engagement manager. Crystal is a certified project management professional, a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, a certified Strategic Workforce Planner and a member of the Association for Talent Development.

How to contact Crystal: ☏ 240-203-9177 ✉


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