How do you RESPOND? Own Your Confidence...and Move Forward

At the time of this writing, the world is facing a global public health pandemic, COVID-19 or coronavirus. The way we live, work, and interact with each other on a human level has changed.

I don’t think any of us imagined that 2020 would end up this way. I certainly did not imagine that I would be spending my birthday cancelling a trip of a lifetime to the United Kingdom due to the travel restrictions put in place.

Over the last several weeks months, I made a shift in my blog articles on RESPONDing to the challenges of today during the time of coronavirus:

RE: Release, Reboot, Rebound

S: Safe spaces

P: Personal connections

O: Own your confidence

N: Negotiations: Your time & your money

D: Determination & Grit: Stay Winning

Own Your Confidence

As I write this blog post, the world will have been in virtual lockdown for a year.

A year of social distancing, washing our hands, and wearing a mask.

This has been a tough year.

When I started this series, I thought--hoped--six to eight weeks is all that's needed to find an outlet to share my perspective.

But then 2020 hit us like a ton of bricks.

Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Daniel Prude.

The 2020 U.S. presidential campaign.

Work AND school from home for another nine months.

What we’ve endured in 2020 certainly rattled my personal confidence.

How about you?

In this piece, I want to share a few tips to regain and own your confidence, and move forward with confidence.

Be Kind To Yourself

Accepting and appreciating who I am is essential to being confident.

Self-compassion is a powerful way to celebrate well-being and cultivate a healthy relationship with myself.

I work on everyday with reigning in the negative self-talk that pops up from time to time and

I accept that I am perfectly imperfect. With that acceptance, I push myself to try anyway and make a promise not to beat myself up or let the inner negative committee get the best of me.

Set YOUR Standards

Being confident entails setting my own standards.

What success looks like for me can mean something different for you.

If I baseline my success on someone else’s standards, that is a recipe for disaster where I will undoubtedly lose my sense of self and diminish my confidence.

Setting my own path often means ignoring social pressures, resisting perfection, being comfortable in my skin, and maybe even be a misfit.

I proudly and confidently embrace being a misfit project manager.

Fail Forward

Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. --Denis Waitley

Mistakes are a part of the process of learning—and trying.

Failure allows me to discover new ways that don’t work, and new ways to be a better person.

I have the confidence to try.

And yeah, sometimes my attempts at trying fall short.

However, I am also intentional about failing forward and moving forward with confidence.

A confident person knows their own value and place in the world. They accept their flaws, choose their own path, and confidently move on with life by learning from failure.

I am so thankful for the confident scientists, researchers, policymakers, project managers, and everyday citizens of this world who try and are continuing to try to make this world a safer place for us all.

We are more confident about how to deal with COVID-19, more confident about the vaccines that have been approved for distribution, and more confident and hopeful for a brighter future post-COVID-19.

Be confident in your experiment.

Be confident in saying no.

Be confident in not accepting less than what you are worth.

Be confident that you WILL find the right job for you.

Be confident in asking for a higher salary.

Be confident in starting your own business.

Be confident that you are who you ought to be.

Interested in some exercises to help you build and own your confidence? Complete my contact page at and indicate “Confidence Sheet”.

Peace & blessings.

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