Spotlight on Life Sciences Project Management: Tita Tavares

Updated: Apr 21

Tita Tavares

Project management provides many benefits to different types of organizations. The life sciences industry is no different.  In this series, I will periodically put a spotlight on a project manager who works in the life sciences field.

Meet Tita Tavares

Tita has worked in the life sciences industry for over 10 years. She is currently the Director at the Washington, DC office of the Azzur Group. In this role, Tita is accountable for developing a mature practice of qualified, viable solutions for pharmaceutical innovators and manufacturers to:

  1. Keep critical projects on target and on budget

  2. Execute compliance activities on time and in-scope

  3. Identify the right resources essential to execute corporate objectives

Bio: Tita is an experienced business development and operations professional, skilled in sales, marketing, operations, market research, and management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. An avid sports enthusiast, Tita hails from California and made the move to the Washington, DC Metro area in 2018.

What is your 30-second elevator speech when you describe what you do?

My goal is to positively influence the implementation of best practices related to efficiency and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Please describe how you ended up in life sciences project management.

In 2008, I was approached by a lifelong friend to pursue an opportunity with her life sciences consulting firm because of my diverse skills and professional experience. The firm’s focus was on project management, process improvement, and operational excellence to help pharmaceutical manufacturers manage complex business challenges.

How has the life sciences industry benefited with project managers in the field?

A heavy workload demands critical attention, leaving little capacity to slow down to decide if a plan is moving in the right direction. This industry has no time to waste because of its sensitive nature and the high pressure of regulations. Project management puts teams on a clear path towards achieving the same objective. We see more teams working remotely which can mean that they don’t have the advantage of face-to-face meetings, but project management provides a way to keep the team motivated and moving together as one unit.

Project management can allow for operational flexibility in the way poorly executed projects are identified before losing more money and time or affecting product quality.

What are your tips to avoid project burnout?

My number one tip is to get a personal commitment at the start of any project engagement from stakeholders, sponsors, and team members. This communication and interpersonal relationship are vital in reminding people that they have skin in the game: it can be the foundation of the project’s success. Commitment leads to better conversations and building a robust win-win environment. It can keep out the inevitable scope creep, reduce irrelevant feedback, and draw in team interest towards achieving the goal.

Anything else you want to share?

I approach any project by meeting the client where they are. I try to step into their shoes by envisioning what they see their end goal looking like so they feel comfortable with being transparent in disclosing the full scope, identify key team players who are integral to project success and share their thoughts on the approach they want to see. Their candidness always keeps expectations clear and on the table.

Holding yourself accountable is important for gaining trust and being a significant team member. It is a powerful and humbling demonstration when you stick to the plan and do what you say you are going to do. Done consistently, others will follow your lead.

And lastly, always walk into a meeting open to leaving with a different outcome other than the one you came in with.

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