What a Great Conference! Now What?!

Updated: Apr 21

I just attended a fantastic conference in Bethesda, Maryland this past week. The Power Conference was a refreshing and encouraging event focused on the business development and growth of women business owners. Kudos to the conference planners for putting together a great event. I will be attending again.

These days as a solopreneur, I am much more discerning about the value of conferences, in terms of costs and the time commitment to attend. While my decision to attend conferences is based on price and my availability, when I do attend a conference, my goal is to make great use of the time and make meaningful connections. I was successful in both aspects at The Power Conference!

But just like you, even though I come home excited about the connections and business cards I collected, I find myself overwhelmed a week later as I look at the business cards collecting dust and trip over the bag full of brochures and promotional product swag. This time I decided to do something different. Here are a few tips that I find very valuable post-conference:

  1. Dump your swag bag. That’s right, just dump it out. And then decide which trinket stays in your desk drawer, which one of your favorite kids gets a gift for their great grades at school, and which are the ones you give away at work. As a trainer, these promotional goodies are great giveaways during my training sessions, to which my students then give to their favorite kid.

  2. Store your swag bag with the rest. The bags they give away these days can double as shopping bags. Sure it’s free marketing for the sponsoring company with their big logos and name for all to see. But I also like to think that my use of bags is a way to reduce my carbon footprint. A win for all.

  3. Scan your business cards. Perhaps you’re seeing a theme here with going green, but I find that scanning cards is a must as a busy professional. All cards I collect are scanned and stored for ease of access. Plus the software makes it easy to email or even text the scanned information to another contact. There are plenty of apps you can choose from and what you decide is truly a personal choice so I won’t make any specific recommendations.

  4. Did you make great connections? Now connect! Don’t let the opportunity slip. The general rule is to follow up within 24-48 hours. Email your contact. Follow them on Twitter. Make a LinkedIn connection. Or even pick up the phone. Invite your contact to coffee or lunch. My favorite meal option these days is brunch.

  5. Reflect. Your reflection of the conference can be as simple as, “yeah, I’d go again,” to spending 20 minutes or so writing in your journal about the lessons learned from the experience. Did you present your elevator pitch with success or does it need some refinement? Were you a wallflower during the event? Do you need to bring an associate (i.e. “wingman”) to the next event?

Oh and one more tip: Apply these tips within 2 days after your attendance. All of these tips have been extremely helpful for me after the conference and in preparation for the next conference. I hope you find some value in them too. What are your thoughts? Do you have additional post-conference tips?

Thanks for reading!

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Crystal has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry with a focus and passion for talent and workforce development. She is a versatile project manager, dynamic trainer, and results-oriented engagement manager. Crystal is a certified project management professional, a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, a certified Strategic Workforce Planner and a member of the Association for Talent Development.

How to contact Crystal: ☏ 240-203-9177 ✉ info@mosaicresourcegroup.com.


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