Finish your projects. 

On time.

On budget.

Without losing your sanity.

Training you to be a better project manager.


Teaching you how...

Let's face it.  Our introduction to project management is baptism by fire.  Training? "Just make it happen," says your [insert]:

☑️ boss

☑️ customer

☑️ client

☑️ insensitive team member. 

"Figuring it out" may get you the results (eventually), it sure does come with a lot of stress and burnout. Project management training with MindsparQ™ gets you and your teams the support to learn the better practice techniques so you no longer have to "wing it" and instead crush it on your next project. 



I'm Crystal Richards, the Principal and Owner of MindsparQ™. I've trained over 2,000 business professionals to meet their goals of project management and agile excellence by achieving the PMP® and PMI-ACP® credentials and furthering their educational pursuits in the field. Over the last 15 years, I've helped start-ups, healthcare organizations, non-profits, and government agencies improve their project results--and still like me for setting them straight.

 Crystal used real-life examples and cultivated an open and honest environment for brainstorming, planning and approach to projects and associated problems.

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